Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a busy week!

Tom and I have had the craziest week ever... but it turned out it be pretty good. My sister, Valerie, and her husband, Robin, asked us to watch their three children while they went on a vacation to San Francisco. (We were not being selfless here- we are getting a new bed out of the deal.) So we packed up and headed down to Spanish Fork for five days. It was fun to see Tom with the kids because he is not used to being around children. He often doesn't really know how to interact with them. The curse of being the baby boy of the family, I guess. He did great though.
To add to the insanity we had to drive up to Orem for appointments, interviews, meetings, or visits every day of the week. We had a couple of doctor's appointments that made me worry quite a bit... more on that another time. But we got great news on Wednesday when Tom got a job offer from Macey's! He has been out of work for two and a half months. It is a huge relief, even though he will be taking a pay cut. He will be able to go to school and fly in the morning and work 2-10. It will be so hard to be apart for so long. I have loved spending almost every minute of the day with him for the last two months. I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend.
We decided to take the kids on a couple of hikes while we were with them. The first one we went on was to Cascade Springs. It was a beautiful stroll. Not really a hike because it is mostly a boardwalk that crosses small cascading falls. The kids really enjoyed seeing the fish,butterflies,and birds. The second hike we went on will fall into the "what were we thinking" file. The kids actually did great but it really took a toll on them. I found the Fifth Water Trail. It is a two mile hike up to hot springs and cool waterfalls. The hike up took a lot longer than I imagined... having never hiked with three kids before. The reward was well worth it once we got to the top. They loved the hot springs! We made it down in half the time. I was proud of them for making the hike.
On Friday we got to visit with Jessica, Tucker, and Korbin. We haven't seen each other in such a long time... even though we live only like three blocks apart. I am a terrible friend. We had a picnic at Nielsen's Grove park. It is my favorite park (Tom proposed to me there)-it is so beautiful. It was wonderful to catch up with them and spend time together. I am so lucky to have the wonderful friends that I do.
Well... that was a marathon blog. If you made it to the end Congrats. I will try to ramble less in future blogs ;)


Bill and Mandy Guidry said...

Hey there guys!
Sounds like things are going well! Flight school? That's exciting. We should come see you guys when we come down to Orem. We have cabin fever pretty bad, tending to the kid in a basement all the time. By all the time I mean the last 5 days since we got home.
Thanks for posting! See you soon.

Bill and Mandy

tjfoit said...

We had such a good time on Friday. Hope to do it again sometime soon!

Michele and Alan said...

how fun! whar craziness to hike with kids though! I am so glad that tom got a job, yeah for you! I can sympathize with the not having a lot of time together. Can't wait to read more on you two!

Tiff :o) said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! I hope it was fun for you both. Congrats to Tom on the job! Talking about hhikes, that reminded me that we need to go on a you have any idea when we might do that yet?