Friday, August 6, 2010

Aileah's real besties!

I watch my friend's two kids, Korbin and Chloe.  Aileah loves these kids to death!  It is fun to see her with other kids.  She talks to them all the time.  She is such a good sharer.  She adores Korbin.  She thinks he's the funniest thing ever!  He's taught her to love trains, helicopters, airplanes,and trucks.  They are too funny together.  Aileah hit her head on the table, which she likes to do when she's angry, and Korbin gave her a kiss on her forehead to help her feel better.  Aileah giggled.  Oh man.... we are in trouble already!
Playing Tom's guitar.
Aileah, with her bed-head, and Chloe
Aileah and Korbin were taking turns combing/ brushing each other's hair.
It was really cute!