Monday, June 15, 2009

The circle of life

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our precious little girl, Aileah Brooklyn Mann! She was born June 4, 2009, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz and measuring 20 inches long. She has quite a bit hair... and we were convinced she'd be bald! She is such a good baby. As I look at her my heart fills with joy and gratitude. We are grateful for the chance to be her parents and pray for the Lord's guidance to help us be the parents she deserves. We never imagined how much we would love her... or how much we would worry about her. This beautiful girl has definetely been worth the wait!

We were able to leave the hospital on Sunday. We hadn"t been home for too long when I got a call from my mom. She had just found out that my Grandpa Bill was not going to be able to have a much needed heart surgery. The doctors were sending him home for hospice care. Mom flew out the next morning. She was able to be there when he passed away as he slept. I am glad that he knew about Aileah. He was bragging to all the hospital staff :) I will remember Grandpa for sense of humor, his arguments with the missionaries, and for the compliments he paid me. I will miss him but I am grateful for the knowledge that we can be together again!