Sunday, November 8, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!!!!

I just love this little face... even when she's crying!

Simply adorable!

Sweet tooth, already? Must be half Andes :)

The Skywalker Family Halloween 2009

The adorable Princess Leia

Aileah at 4 months... a little old now :>

Corn Maze at Pumpkinland!

Eating rice cereal for the first time.

No... not Christmas, although that is a pretty great time of the year! I'm talking about the Fall. I absolutely love it!!! This year has been a wonderfully long Autumn. Yay! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Aileah is growing so fast! She's 5 months now. She has rolled over a few times... but now refuses to do it anymore. She amazes me everyday with the things she is doing. She loves to play peekaboo, suck on her toes, give cuddles, and look at books. She is usually such a happy, smiley, giggly baby. What a blessing she is in my life.

A bit of happy news to pass on... we are moving!!! Just to Provo... but it is a bigger and newer place. We started looking a couple weeks ago in the hopes of finding a place that will work for a preschool. So I will be starting one up in the fall. Please pray for us that things work out the way we are hoping! I am excited and nervous. But things fell into place so quickly and easily that it must be the Lord's plan for us. My question is... why do we keep moving in December? Our third move that wonderfully warm month.