Saturday, July 5, 2008

A trip to remember

Tom and I have been wanting to get out of Utah for quite awhile now. Nevada doesn't count... that is practically Utah. So even though Tom is out of work we decided to pack up and have a relaxing vacation. We drove up to Portland, Oregon to see our friends, Chrissy, Seth, and Kimmie. My sister, Valerie, and her family were also vacation up there. So we spent a day with them exploring the coast. We had fun going to the Aquarium, the cold and windy beach, and the Tillamook Factory! It is a very, very boring drive up thru Idaho. We did have an adventure in the Blue Mountains just inside of Oregon when we got pounded with a snowstorm complete with thick fog! Snow... in June?!!!! I was a nervous wreck but Tom got us thru safely.
Oregon was so beautiful, so green. Tom and I had so much fun! Chrissy, Seth, and Kimmie took us to Multnomah Falls. We hiked to the top. That is sure not an easy hike. But it is one of the most beautiful places I have seen and well worth the effort! It was wonderful to see the Davenports again. It is fun to see Chrissy as a wife and doting mom! It was a wonderful trip. I will try to include some pictures soon... I am still learning all this high tech stuff.


The Davenport's said...

You are too sweet, it was great having you guys visit! I miss you so much and I am so glad you guys have a blog now:) I will post some pictures for your visit on our blog too as soon as I stop being so forgetful;) We are driving down to Utah tonight, hopefully we don't get any snow in the blue mountains! See you in Utah!

Michele and Alan said...

Yeah I am so excited you started a blog! It'll be nice to know how you guys are doing. I am so jealous you got to hike Multnomah Falls. I have always wanted to do that hike! How fun! Hope to hear more soon!

tjfoit said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I myself am not that good at it, but I am improving a little. I know what you mean about not living close enough :o)...So do you have the summer off? Are you going to the shower on Saturday? If so, Korbin and I will see you there!