Thursday, July 31, 2008

Timp cave

Two of sisters and I have been planning on hiking to Timp Cave for a year now. Unfortunately, Tiffany, my younger sister, crashed her bike a few days before our planned trip. She is doing well... but not well enough to make the hike. So, Valerie and her kids (Alex, Elisa, and Sabrina), Tom and I made the hike on Wednesday. The kids did such a great job hiking. We were worried we wouldn't be up to the enterance in time for our tour... but we were almost a half hour early! The cave tour is very cool! You actually go thru three caves and learn about the formations. It was fun to see the kids' reactions to the cave. I am glad we actually made it up this year. It is totally worth the sweating, huffing and puffing to see the beauty in the caves. How grateful I am for the chance to spend time in nature. ( Who would ever have thought those words would come from me?!) It is such a wonderful reminder that we have a Father in Heaven who knows us, loves us, and is aware of our triumphs and struggles. I am grateful to have a wonderful husband who patiently teaches me to enjoy more time in the great outdoors.


The Davenport's said...

Good job! I hope you took some pictures. Love you!

Dave and Kristin said...

Hey Heather, it's Kristin (Stone) Campbell from the singles ward! I hope you remember me. I just found your blog on Michelle's, I wasn't sure if that was you. Congratulations on you marriage, what a cutie! Isn't married life great! I'm so sorry about the 2 miscarriages. One day you will have one and you will be a great mom! You have always been great with kids! Well feel free to visit my blog anytime and I hope to see you at the 8th Ward reunion in a couple weeks!

tjfoit said...

Hey, yo! When ya gonna post more?