Thursday, January 12, 2012

It can't be January!

I am a terrible blogger.  Such a long time goes between updates.  I am just feeling boring, huge and lazy lately.  Not really much to blog about.  But enjoy some pics of our cute little girl!
Just chilling on the couch and her mama hippo.  An actual real smile.... very hard to get these days.

Opening Christmas gifts. 

Aileah loves to bring us the camera and tell us to take a picture of her.  Then she does this cheesy smile as she says, "Cheese... Queso!"  Funny little thing!

In her Christmas dress.  She is looking way too grown up these days.

Cuddling only a few of her toys that fill her bed.  Isn't she cute when she's sleeping?!


The Davenport's said...

So cute! She is really growing up, she is not a little girl anymore! I love the picture of her sleeping, Kimmie always has a pile of stuffed animals and toys in her bed. I don't know how they sleep like that, but it's adorable to watch!

smileyguyq said...

She's cute asleep and awake. She really is adorable. I love her personality. So much fun! It's crazy how well she talks too.

Valerie said...

She is very cute. Always glad to see photos of her. :) I gotta arrange a time to see you guys in person too soon though.