Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to play catch-up

I have good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way.  I need to make time to update my blog more often. I LOVE fall!!!!! We have been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather before the dreadful winter.  Enjoy some pics of our cutie pie! Ok, it is a ton of pictures.  Be prepared for a picture overload!
 Also..... We found out we are having a BOY!!!!! I need to get the ultrasound pics uploaded.... something to look forward to, my few readers.
We went to the zoo.  Aileah walked the whole stroller for her!

Enjoying a ride on the carousel.  This the the face she makes when she says, "Smile".

Riding the "horse" at the zoo.

Aileah's first real haircut.  We cut an inch off.  Luckily, she still has some curls.

Aileah got a big girl bed.  She had a rough couple of nights... but is doing really well with it now!

Digging for bones at the Dinosaur Museum.  She loved it!

Daddy wanted to play too.  Aren't they so cute?!

Throwing rocks into the water at Bridal Veil Falls.  She LOVES the mountains!

Enjoying the canyon.

Aunt T came to visit from Georgia.  We only see her about once a year.  Aileah LOVES her and had so much fun playing with her.  Here she is getting ready to give T a kiss.

First time ice skating.  She absolutely LOVED it.  She was so excited.

She wasnt' a big fan of the walker.  After awhile she said, "Here you go, mommy."  I guess I looked like I needed it.  What a thoughtful girl!

She loved spinning with T.  She loved "falling" even more.  She's been asking to go ice skating almost everyday since.

I love these two so much!


Us said...

Looks like you've been very busy with a lot of fun things!! I love the smile face Aileah makes! :)

Michelle said...

Great pictures! Congratulations on your little guy! Do you have any names yet? Thanks for sharing.

'Becca said...

I love the first haircut photo. I sure like the mountains too. :)

Valerie said...

You should start Aileah in ice skating lessons. :) When I used to take Alex and Elisa there were a few really little kids. Maybe not that little though.

Tiff :o) said...

What a cutie you've got!! It was so fun to spend time with you guys and to see how much she's already grown up! Love you all.

erika said...

Looks like alot of family fun.
Congrats on the baby boy>