Monday, January 17, 2011

She just keeps growing!

My sister, Valerie, took this photo!
I took Aileah to her well baby check-up on Thursday.  The doctor is very pleased with her growth and development.  She is now almost 24 pounds and is 33 inches tall.  She was so brave!  She did not cry at all when she got her 2 shots.  What a trooper!  And she thanked the nurse for her sucker even after she poked her. 
On Friday, we took a quick trip to Nevada to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Mann and Uncle Movell.  We didn't get to take too many pictures.  Grandpa got called into work and Uncle Movell wouldn't be in pictures.  Aileah LOVED playing with Grandma's kitty, Melissa.  She chased it, laughed at it, and talked to it the entire time it was in the house.  It was pretty cute to see.  We also visited the Northeastern Nevada Museum while we were in Elko.  Aileah loved seeing all the animals... she pointed to many of them and said, "Aw!"  She is pretty adorable.  She was so much happier on this trip and warmed up to the relatives pretty quickly.  She charmed Grandma and Grandpa... and even Movell.

Aileah and Grandma Mann

She is doing lots of new things lately. Here are just a few...
*Turning on faucets.  She loves to turn the cold water on by herself while she brushes her teeth.
*Her favorite show is Super Why.  It teaches letter recognition and problem solving.  Lately she has been pointing out letters.  Mostly she points out e,o,i,w, and y.  I was shocked the first time she did it!
*She LOVES family hugs!  If mom or dad is holding her and the other comes over she grabs us for a group hug!
*She enjoys putting her shoes on by herself.  She gets so frustrated if she can't do it by herself... she gets so frustrated if she can't do anything by herself.  Little Miss Independent.

 It is bittersweet to see her growing up and asserting her independence (which she does pretty frequently).  I am so grateful to be her mom.  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing me this opportunity to be a mom to such a wonderful, sweet daughter.
Another photo by Valerie!


Tiff :o) said...

She is just so cute! She can barely talk and she already knows letters. Wow, she's one smart cookie!

Us said...

Cute!! I love that she's already learning the alpahbet. :) She's definately a lot braver than Itai, he'd probably hide from the cat. He hid from the parakeet at my friend's house. :)

Amy Jeff and Girls said...

what a cutie

erika said...

She is getting so big!