Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our budding photographer

Lately Aileah has enjoyed using our camera to take pictures.  She is pretty adorable.  Please enjoy her photographs.... and some cute ones I recently took of our little cuties.

These first 4 pictures are of Aileah taking pictures of daddy.  She turned the camera the wrong way.

Aileah wanted to take a pic of the giraffes at the zoo.  Good shot except for her hand.

  My shots:
She fell asleep reading.  She is too funny.

Riding a horse.  She loves it.  She says "Giddyup!"

Eli enjoying the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  He is so adorable!

Love this smiley guy!


Valerie said...

Cool how kids now get to experiment with photography so young with all the digital stuff. Cute photos of the kids.

Thomas said...

She's gonna make us rich someday! First she's going to be in them, then she's going to take them...WE'RE IN THE MONEY!

Tiff :o) said...