Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aileah lately

It seems like Aileah is growing up so fast and changing every day!  Here's a little catch up.

Aileah's favorite shows to watch
Special Agent Oso


Aileah's favorite movies.   She asks to watch at least one of these every day.
Despicable Me



Aileah loves to sing.  Her favorite songs right now?
  *Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars
  *Firework- Katy Perry
  *Hey, Soul Sister- Train

Aileah is talking like crazy.  She wakes up in the morning talking and sometimes falls asleep talking.
  Some of her most commonly used phrases:
 "Let's get outta here."  She says this when she is bored and wants to leave stores.
 "I need kisses"  and "You need kisses?"  This is pretty adorable.
"I so funny!"
"Everything ok?"
One evening I was getting dinner ready and feeling awful.  (When I am sick I get weepy.)  Aileah came into the kitchen and asked me if I was ok.  Through my tears, I told her I was ok just sick.  She went to her room and got her big panda bear for me to cuddle.  What a sweet girl!

Some of Aileah's other favorite things:
Emptying her bed of all the toys she likes to sleep with.  Here she is laying on the couch surrounded by her toys.

Being outside.  Here she is talking to a worm.  She was saying, "Don't worry, worm.  It's just fireworks."

Playing in water.  Little water baby!

Riding any rides.  She loves the train that goes around the Provo Mall, the Ice Cream truck at Wal-Mart, and anything at Chuck E. Cheese's.

I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Even though money is tight,  I am grateful to be able to be at home with her so I don't miss a thing!



Valerie said...

Cute stuff! And I get to see her (and you and Tom, of course) tomorrow. :)

Us said...

So cute!! I have the cutest nieces! :) it's crazy how quickly she is growing up. You guys are pretty awesome.

Tiff :o) said...

How sweet of her to reassure the worm. ;o) What a cutie!

'Becca said...

She's so cute! And I so agree on the staying-home-though-things-are-tight thing.

erika said...

She is so sweet.
Plus money cant buy your love & time with her.
Enjoy it while you can.
It is worth it!