Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recent, and not so recent, happenings (lots of pics!)

 On Friday we took a trip up to Heber to spend A Day Out with Thomas.  Aileah loves the mountains and trains... so we thought it was the perfect activity!  We all had a ball (although Aileah doesn't really show it in the pictures.)
Aileah and Daddy after our ride.

Kisses from Mom while waiting to board Thomas
Waiting for our ride to start!

Singing and showing off her sweet James tattoo

All tuckered out after a fun filled day!

We went to Thanksgiving Point quite awhile ago.  Aileah LOVES animals.

She was feeding the goats, when one bit her finger.  She still talks about it... and it was a couple months ago.

Easter egg hunt

Aileah loves the mountains, water and rocks!

She really didn't enjoy coloring eggs too much.

Those are a few of our adventures lately.  I am so grateful that it is Spring!  And although it has been a really wet season so far.... I am excited for more adventures!


The Davenport's said...

Wow, you guys are keeping busy. She is so big! I love how she still talks about her finger being bitten, it's so funny the things they remember!

Valerie said...

Cute pictures. I'm glad to hear Aileah liked the train. When I took my kids (not to Thomas, just the Heber Creeper), they were sooooo excited, until it started. Then they were like, "That's it?" That's expensive for 5 people when they didn't like it!

Tiff :o) said...

She's so expressive. There's no doubt she wasn't altogether happy after being bitten and forced to partake in the egg dying. lol How fun that she got to see Thomas.

Tara said...

Great pics - looks like you guys had a fun time! That's crazy that she is still talking about the goat taking a nibble on her finger - I am often amazed by how much kids remember and what they hold on to!

erika said...

How fun~
I always wanted to take my family to see the train.
Looks like alot of family fun.