Friday, June 18, 2010

Battle Creek hike

Ok... this has nothing to do with our hike. I just wanted to include it. A funny face (enhanced by allergies) but it shows her top teeth. 3 of them!!!

Yesterday was so nice out that Tom decided we were due for a hike. We were going to do Stewart Falls but decided we wouldn't have enough time. I'm so glad we did this hike instead. It is our first hike in a year...and boy am I out of shape! I think Stewart Falls would have killed me- and I wasn't even carrying Aileah!

Setting out on our hike!

We made it! My smile is still very crooked :>

Aileah LOVES water... but this was too cold for her to stand for long.

Aileah's war wound. She and Daddy had a collision and she got a bloody nose. What a trooper!

The falls were beautiful. It was a short hike but it sure showed me how much work I need to do on myself. We plan on doing more hikes this summer. We have such a happy, outdoor-loving girl!


Us said...

The waterfall looks beautiful. As does Aileah, war wound and all!

Valerie said...

What's up with you guys? So many wounds and illnesses. Hope you get better soon, but glad you had a fun hike. I've never been there.

Tiff :o) said...

I tried to do thyat hike a couple of times when I lived out there but something always came up so I never made it. Thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you and Aileah get back to normal soon!

Lyndsay Budge said...

Your family is so cute!