Monday, March 15, 2010

What I can do- by Aileah

I can wave hello and goodbye. Sometimes it's a wave, sometimes it is
just a raised arm. I love people and I wave to everyone I see!
I can talk to Daddy and Mommy. I love to talk!
I like trying new chocolate. YUM!
I can use my monkey feet to grab and hold my toys.
It's pretty fun....see?
I love to read! My books are some of my favorite toys!
Sometimes I just gotta ask, "What are you doing, Mom?"
I love just sitting outside and taking everything in.
I will let Mommy and Daddy put funny hats on me...sometimes.
I can chew on my fingers... and I do all the time!


'Becca Black said...

I love the picture of her taking things in outside.

Us said...

What a little cutie! She can do so many things too! I'm not terribly surprised by the monkey feet thing, it's genetic right? :) She really is adorabe.

Valerie said...

Did Jared just say you have monkey feet??? :) Lots of great pictures and a cute post idea.

Tiff :o) said...

Heather doesn't have monkey feet, she has toes of steel! She can pinch you with her toes and it hurts! I can see where Aileah gets it. She's so beautiful, Heather! She is just getting so big already!

Flee said...

That girl is adorable! I love waving babies, I think it's so sweet.

Stella Andes said...

My favorite is the chocolate face, but they're all really cute pictures! She's really growing, and maybe she will get to know me a little better starting in a couple of weeks or so.

Christine said...

She has grown sooo much what a cutie! Very fun pictures!

Hanyon said...

You need to post your Disneyland trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my choc. cinnamon bears. Thank you very much.